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Commercial media, technology & lighting takes balance in design and functionality.

Tetra’s advanced technology media integration systems are relied upon by many of the world’s most prestigous organizations. Whether your business needs audio/video, security and lighting automation in one single interface – or custom LED lighting, Tetra is your source for all of your system needs. With some of the most efficient LED lights on the market, we will ensure that you are getting the best look, feel, highest efficiency, and at the best price. Our expert team installs our own advanced technology and custom lighting systems.

Access control

Our professional experts provide consultation to best determine your commercial access control needs. Whether it’s a keyless entry security device, card reader system, magnetic locks or retina scanning devices. All of these security measures play an important part in keeping your business secure. We know how important it is that your property is accessible by only those who are authorized!

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The safety of your business significantly increases when you only allow authorized persons to have access. Our systems allow you to be in control, so if you need to allow a third party to enter or exit, you can do so. We can set up easy to control settings such as time limits for delivery people or preset visiting hours as well as track and record all entrance and exit activity.



Complement your new access control system by pairing it with a business security system. When you integrate a wireless video camera, burglar alarm, monitoring screens and intrustion devices, you can trust that your property is secure. Regardless of how extensive you want your security to be, we’re the access control and security company who make it happen.

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We know how important it is to keep your business – and its employees – safe. With our remote access control, you can rest easy knowing your assets are in good hands. Our remote access security system installation will seamlessly integrate security, video, and other features into one-easy-to-use portal. It’s easy to use so managing and monitoring your business security from anywhere has never been easier.

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Delivered Exactly What Was Promised

We were looking for a fully integrated solution that provided cutting edge technology. Tetra A/V exceeded our expectations! They delivered exactly what was promised.
— Chris A.


Tetra supports it’s commercial partners by providing state of the art, video and surveillance solutions to ensure a safe and secure environment for their staff and guests.

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Integrated Solution


We safeguard your property through an integrated solution that includes video surveillance cameras for video monitoring, motion-detection sensors to track any movement, license plate recognition and video analytics. 

User Interface


Our solution includes a Cloud Management feature to easily manage all of your systems and users from a simple web-page which makes it the perfect solution for applications that require ease of use, speed and efficiency.

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Ongoing Partner


Our commitment to your property security concerns doesn’t stop once we install your commercial property security solution. Our team of experts provide quick, on-site solutions should any problem arise.

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Attentive to Detail

We are extremely satisfied with our new surveillance system by Tetra AV. They were very knowledgeable and attentive to detail. We plan to add more products in the future and will exclusively use Tetra AV.
— S. Maxwell

Video Conferencing

A central control system for your business can give you the ability to combine control all of your devices to a singular interface.

Our business automation system can simplify day to day operations. A business automation system takes control of all devices and gives you the power to control all of them with rules. Rules that cause them to react to you, and even predict some of your actions.

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Room & Media Control


When presenting to clients from a laptop, pressing a single “Presentation” button dims lights, lowers blackout shades, turns on video display, and audio. By integrating everything in a room from audio, video, lights, window treatments, networking, and communications you have complete control from a single touch screen, keypad, remote or mobile device. 

Smart Technology


Real-time usage monitoring of lighting systems, heating, ventilation and cooling, and audio/video allows for automatic power-down or optimized adjustments when systems and rooms are not being used. All building systems may be monitored from one central location whether you have one building or an entire campus of technology integrated spaces. 

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Tetra intelligent lighting

Intelligent Lighting


Lights turn off automatically when employees or guests leave rooms saving on energy bills. Set the atmosphere in the waiting room to a warm, welcoming glow while the surgical room are bright enough for procedures. Dim lights automatically as the sun sets. No matter what your intention, intelligent lighting with Tetra is always a bright idea!

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State-of-the-Art Solution

Our new integrated system is “intelligent”! It has begun to predict our behaviors making this state-of-the-art solution the best purchase we’ve made in a long time.
— Suzanna R.

Audio / video

We are an AV company specializing in the design and installation of components to make your work life easier! Whether you need video conferencing systems, digital signage for buildings, cordless microphones, structure wiring, projector installation, multi-room audio-video and IT systems. The Tetra team encompasses virtually every aspect of commercial audio and video integrations and communications.

Board | Training | Conference


In today’s business climate, many businesses and corporations are looking to cut travel cost. Video teleconferencing for different business rooms, combined with immersive collaboration have helped companies lower cost and create a rapid transfer of information and ideas.

Tetra Video Conferencing
Tetra Leisure Rooms AV

Restaurant | Bar | Corporate Leisure


We install indoor and outdoor audio and video systems allowing you to set the mood for the occasion. Show your customer the big game or an event on a large projection screen, or on multiple flat panel displays set up in your establishment.

Medical | Surgical | Hospital


Keep patients calm and relaxed in the lobby with video and audio. We install in-office media displays for you to stream x-rays or other documents from one room to another for patient viewing or staff review. Facilitate training and medical research with a surgery recording system that even play soothing sounds during surgery.

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Set up a call with our team to discover how you can leverage innovation to enhance your AV experience.

The most knowledgeable, experienced team of technicians

Tetra employs to most knowledgeable, experienced team of technicians. We were amazed at their creative ideas, quick turn-around and precise implementation. They have proven to use that their products are superior than others on the market. Hands down…the best.
— Brad M.


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