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Multi-family Access Control, Surveillance, Custom AV and Integrated Control is your all-inclusive solution.

Tetra’s advanced technology media integration systems are relied upon by many of the world’s most prestigous organizations.

Access Control

Tetra strives to deliver cutting-edge, access control solutions that improve the residents, guests and property management’s experience. Tetra’s solutions help improve the property access experience at your building by providing ease of use access technology for residents and visitors. Tetra ensures residents enjoy a seamless building entry experience and the property managers get added security and convenience.

Guest | Visitor | Resident


Tetra’s tenant-focused solutions allow residents to manage property access from their smart phone. They can receive video calls, unlock the door remotely, and grant managed access for delivery people and service providers.

Tetra multifamily security
Tetra Property Manager

Property Managers

Our cloud-based admin system solutions allow property owners and managers to easily add or remove residents, issue virtual keys and access PINs, and review time- and date-stamped entry photos. What’s more, our API allows for integrations to property management software, package rooms, and other access control systems.

Manage Access


Our comprehensive property security solutions consider security risks, indoors and out, and are available with a suite of controls that enable you to manage access to multiple buildings from wherever you are. 

Tetra co working

Let’s Talk

Set up a call with our team to discover how you can leverage innovation to enhance your AV experience.

Our Long-Term Partner

As a Property Manager, I have completed 7 projects with Tetra AV at 2 apartment communities. These have included access control system installs/updates, install of auto gate access control systems, audio/visual system overhauls/installs, and CCTV work. On each of these jobs, the Tetra AV teams have shown up ready to work, were professional, and didn’t short cut the work. The most impressive part of Tetra AV is how they make themselves available to ensure that the installs, or work they complete, continues to work.
— Rossi Hill, Community Manager


Tetra supports it’s Multi Family partners by providing state of the art, video and surveillance solutions to ensure a safe and secure environment for their residents and guests.

Tetra industrial

Integrated Solution


We safeguard your property through an integrated solution that includes video surveillance cameras for video monitoring, glass-break detectors for doors and windows, and motion-detection sensors to track any movement. 

User Interface


Our user interface solution includes a Cloud Management feature to easily manage all your systems and users from a simple web-page making it the perfect solution for applications that require ease of use, speed, efficiency and unprecedented image quality.

Tetra co working
Tetra Partner

Ongoing Partner


Our commitment to your property security concerns doesn’t stop once we install your commercial property security solution. We will go out of our way to be onsite to resolve any problems that arise without much delay.

Let’s Talk

Set up a call with our team to discover how you can leverage innovation to enhance your AV experience.

Professional Experience & Coordination

Tetra AV recently installed a complete security system to monitor doors, windows and exterior security surveillance. A tech rep helped us scope the placement and view angles for optimum camera positioning. The team who installed the equipment worked efficiently over a period of two days and were very courteous in their approach to our needs and system setup. I felt better the day systems were activated and knowing Tetra has helped us get a better grasp on monitoring our property and responding with professional coordination should the need arise.
— R.B. Henderson

Custom AV

Amenities spaces often include surround sound systems, multiple screens for the sports fans, even gaming and karaoke systems.

Tetra media

Amenity Spaces


Tetra customizes your AV system for any amenity space including game rooms, theater rooms, and business centers.

Common areas


Complement your common areas with a custom AV system. Our team can customize outdoor systems, rooftop patios and other common areas where background music is needed.

Hotel Lobby Lighting
Tetra business center

Business Centers


Business centers provide dedicated space to meet, communicate, and conduct business. A Tetra designed business center or small meeting room will have the latest in audio visual technology, allowing residents and their guests to connect and conduct business in-person or with those in other locations.

Let’s Talk

Set up a call with our team to discover how you can leverage innovation to enhance your AV experience.

The Perfect Fit

Never having a custom audio/visual system before, we took our time finding the right company. We wanted a company that was creative and provided cutting edge technology but could do it in a way that fit our needs and budget. Tetra A/V was the perfect fit. The process was smooth and delivered exactly what our vision was.
— Gabe B.

Intelligent Building

Tetra provides a simple integrated control system to connect Staff, Resident, Vendor, Maintenance and Visitor interactions with connected buildings; enabling seamless security, asset protection, energy savings, and increased ROI. Tetra deploys professional, property-wide networks that enable access and energy management and control, plus smart apartments, throughout an entire site.

Tetra Smart Access

Smart Access


Tetra’s integrated control system allows you to connect staff, resident, vendor, maintenance & visitor mobile control of doors and building access points seamlessly.

Smart Automation


Enable use of popular 3rd party devices in settings where they would otherwise be unmanaged and/or unusable: smart lighting, leak sensing, Resident WiFi, and voice control.

Tetra Lighting
Tetra Geofencing



A virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS, that enables STRATIS to trigger your Home and Away scenes as you arrive at or leave your property.

Visitor | Vendor Access


Give the Resident the ability to create guest mobile credentials through the STRATIS Mobile App. Staff can create temporary credentials for 3rd party vendors.

Tetra multifamily security

Let’s Talk

Set up a call with our team to discover how you can leverage innovation to enhance your AV experience.

An Ease To Work With

Tetra AV has been an ease to work with when it comes to our Audio, Video and Security solutions. Any time we have needed assistance with downed equipment, or upgrades, Tetra’s team has gone out of their way to be onsite to resolve the problems without much delay.
— The Station Patio IceHouse, Keller TX


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