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20.6 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide (VA study of 2015)


combat related deaths from Vietnam War, consensus of studies now indicate approximately 250,000 Vietnam vets have been lost to suicide since the end of the war.

1.3 Suicides Daily

Suicide deaths among active duty troops surpassed combat related deaths in 2009, and the suicide rate continues to climb through 2015.

Suicide Rate

Suicide rate in Veteran population (30 suicides per 100,000) is twice than that of the civilian population (14 suicides per 100,000).

Camp Hope provides a safe space for the victims of trauma and post-traumatic stress to experience healing. over 1,348 Veterans have graduated from the program.


The intensive residential program at Camp Hope aims to provide a more comprehensive peer support and mentoring based healing for those who need more than our Warrior Groups can provide.

Camp Hope is broken up into four separate phases. Each phase is geared to prepare the Veteran mentally for the work they will do throughout the healing process. This includes behavior modification, emotional control, implementing faith, addiction, anger management, etc. The curriculum also includes parenting classes, relationships, and family reintegration. 


Get Involved

Supporting the PTSD Foundation of America allows the community to be part of the hope and healing taking place here.